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衷心谢谢各级领导、各界同伙长期以来对美菰林集团的支撑取厚爱,我们愿取人人 一同,联袂协作,共创美好未来!

                                                                           集团总裁兼CEO  吴燕斌师长教师

                       President’s Speech

    Everything follows the law of nature, going on and on in harmony and equilibrium.Since established in 2006, the Meigulin Group also follows the law of nature, doing what the duty calls for, benefiting everyone. We are trying to develop the most powerful natural antimicrobial reagent in the world, and apply it to the areas of preventive medicine and cell engineering. We are the care giver of human health, servicing in the great career of preventive medicine, creating a healthy life with advanced technologies.

    Over these years, we always follow the law of nature with the spirit of humanism. We developed our special business mode to cultivate our group of people with outstanding potentials. Meigulin wants to be their destination, helping them managing their own careers. Everyday, our staff are making efforts for their own future wealth to make their families live happy lives.

   “To benefit everyone with the love for humanity” is the concept of our group. Every staff member in Meigulin combines their own career with social improvement, environmental harmony, and human health, forever.

    Thanks to all for the support and help for Meigulin over these years. Let’s continue cooperation, and build up a better future!

                           CEO Mr. Wu Yanbin-27111.com